Operator Equipment - Emergency PPE

With the SHE Equipment Barrel, you can reduce your annual inspection costs to a minimum.
It is a patented packaging method, only a visual inspection of the barrel and seal integrity is required annually.
You ensure that PPE is always ready for use in an emergency.

SHE Equipment Barrel
bestehend aus:

  • 2 x Full body harness TriFit
    according to EN361/EN358 mit Steigschutzöse
  • 2 x SaferConnect double
    Lanyard with shock absorber
    according to EN354/EN355
  • 2 x Plasma AQ helmet
    according to EN397
  • 1 x SHE Equipment Barrel
  • Packed, welded and sealed for storage under lock and key for 10 years

  • If desired, a climbing protection runner can also be packed